Jazz / Lyrical


Dallas Ballet Center has many classes to offer students who are interested in jazz. The jazz division receives a solid technical foundation with fun and fast-paced classes that are offered to students ages 7+. Jazz is an excellent way to develop rhythm, coordination, dexterity, and agility that carries over to other dance disciplines, academics, and athletics. They improve concentration and a student’s ability to grasp and execute combinations and instructions quickly. Students not only learn jazz technique but also develop self confidence, stage presence, and performance skills.

Jazz Levels – Ages 7+
Jazz I
Jazz II
Jazz III
Jazz IV
Jazz V
Jazz VI
Jazz VII
Teen Jazz


Lyrical dance is a combination of jazz and ballet. Classes are offered to students age 10 and older who have had at least two years of ballet training and current enrollment in a ballet technique class. Jazz is not required but is recommended.

Lyrical Levels
Lyrical Jazz I, 10+
Lyrical Jazz II
Lyrical Jazz III
Lyrical Jazz IV
Lyrical Jazz V