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Pre School Ballet
Pre School Ballet


   Our Preschool Division provides instruction specifically tailored for the special needs of young developing students, ages 18 months-5 years.

   Classes specifically tailored for 3 and 4-year-olds introduce the alphabet of movement through creative expression and prove to be an excellent foundation for students wanting to pursue the study of classical ballet. Skills are learned in their most basic form to initiate the process of building a solid foundation helpful in future dance study. Taking the special characteristics of these age levels into consideration – their wonderful imagination and boundless energy – many of the exercises and skills are taught through story, song, and role-playing. Concentration is on establishing developmental skills needed to execute dance steps. Exercises enhance flexibility, coordination, strength, and muscle tone. Introduction and experimentation of movement with various styles of music develop musicality, rhythm, and creativity. Gentle discipline and adherence to classroom etiquette promote self-discipline and self-esteem. Repetition of movements and combinations increases auditory and visual memory.

Pre-School Division Classes

Moms & Tots (18 months-3 years)

Creative Movement (Age 3+)

Pre-Ballet (Age 4+)

Pre-K Ballet & Tap (Age 4+)

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