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Dallas Ballet Center offers a variety of dance and fitness classes for adults. Tuition for adult classes is charged monthly, based on the number of class hours per week enrolled.

Adult Ballet

Ballet for all adults,from beginners to more experienced dancers.

Instructor: Lori Kennedy

Adult Tap

Classes for offered for both experienced tappers, and those newer to tap.

Instructors: Peggy McCaslin, Alice White

Stretching & Conditioning

Class includes stretching exercises, cardio workout, conditioning and aerobic activities to achieve an all-body workout. Each class is unique and different, targeting and focusing on specific muscle groups.

Instructor: Terrence Martin

Progressing Ballet Technique

Cross training for ballet dancers . . . and everyone! Increase core strength, balance and muscle control incorporating the use of various sizes of fitness balls and stretch bands.

Instructor: Libby Ferguson

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