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Dallas Ballet Center

All students MUST wear a full cover-up and street shoes when arriving at and departing the studio. Dance shoes should never be worn out-of-doors. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Unless notified otherwise, all dancers will be picked up at the rear of the studio. Do NOT park along the curb in front of the studio. Do NOT block neighboring businesses.

Ballet Dress Code

Beginning with the 2023-24 season, Dallas Ballet Center is partnering with Eurotard Dancewear to introduce our new uniform dress code for our ballet classes. Click the button below for all the details, including how to purchase directly from Eurotard.


Attire for Jazz/Contemporary Classes:

  • One-piece leotard; any color. Please keep colors, styles, & patterns simple

  • Mid-thigh bike shorts, tights, leggings, or jazz pants

  • No baggy sweats pants or warm-up pants over leotard

  • No exposed midriffs

  • Tan jazz shoes

Attire for Tap Classes:

  • One-piece leotard worn with mid-thigh bike shorts, tights, or leggings (no bare legs)

  • Any color acceptable, but please keep styles, colors & patterns simple

  • Socks or tights must be worn with tap shoes

  • Students may wear jazz pants, as long as tap shoes are still visible

  • No baggy sweat pants or warm-up pants

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