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   Students enrolled in the pre-professional division are placed in each level on the basis of individual improvement, technical ability, and work ethic. Advanced students may be eligible to add pas de deux, variations, and men’s class, in addition to regular technique and pointe classes. Performance experience is highly valued as an integral part of each dancer’s training and pre-professional division students are featured in full-length ballets performed annually by DBC.

   Ballet IV is a continuation of Ballet III with an additional class weekly. Combinations and rhythms become more intricate and a variety of pirouettes and big jumps are added to center combinations. Pointe work continues to build as the legs and body become strengthened for more complicated steps and turns.
   Ballet V & VI are for dancers who desire to pursue the highest level of classical training at DBC. These levels are for the more serious dancer and lay a strong foundation for any student choosing ballet as a professional career. Student development is measured with particular emphasis placed on artistic growth, with a continued focus on technical progression and physical aptitude.

Pre-Professional Division Classes

Ballet IV

Ballet V

Ballet VI-A, VI-B

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